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The past gives way to the future at Bulfinch Crossing

Bulfinch Crossing is Boston’s neighborhood of the future yet it touches on many of Boston’s oldest and most cherished neighborhoods as well as some of its newest and most valued public spaces. This is where Boston began. And where it is headed.

The map tells the story

Bulfinch Crossing is a neighborhood unto itself. At the same time, it’s just steps from the cobbled streets of Beacon Hill, pizza in the North End, a game at the TD Garden, an ice cream cone on a Greenway bench or a quick walk to work in the Financial District. Walk over to Boston Common or the Public Garden and all of Back Bay lies before you. Boston has been called America’s most classical city, so perhaps it’s fitting that Bulfinch Crossing is the Boston equivalent of “All roads lead to Rome.”

Beacon Hill

Visitors think of the historic homes and hidden gardens, gas lights and cobblestone streets. But for residents of The Sudbury, Beacon Hill is so much more… wonderful little boutiques, fine meats from Savenor’s, wine shops and coffee shops. It’s an afternoon of antiquing or an evening out at a landmark neighborhood restaurant.

North End

We know. It’s hard to think beyond food, when talking about Boston’s North End. But now the North End need not be a special occasion destination. Just minutes from The Sudbury, you can stroll over for fresh bread or cannoli to take home for dinner or to your favorite restaurant for pizza or pasta anytime. And don’t miss the feasts and festivals that mark summer in the North End.

Financial District

The lights of the Financial District and Downtown Boston at night are more than one of The Sudbury’s spectacular exclusive views. They’re a right-next-door reminder that walking to work is fast and easy when you live just down the street at The Sudbury.


Boston’s waterfront is within sight and within a few minutes’ walk from The Sudbury. Whether you want to dock your boat at one of several marinas or simply sit on a bench and listen to the restful rhythm of halyards clinking against masts, such easy access to the parks and Harborwalk of the waterfront is a Sudbury strong point.

Bulfinch Triangle​

Charles Bulfinch imagined a neighborhood of businesses and homes, markets and shops when he laid out the streets of the Bulfinch Triangle in 1808. Two hundred years later, this neighborhood finally is living up to its name! From sports, movies, and supermarkets to new construction on Causeway Street leading to Bulfinch Crossing, at the apex of the triangle, this is where Boston is happening today.

Market District

There have been markets here since Boston began, from the open stalls of the 1600s to the new, indoor Boston Public Market, just across the street. Haymarket happens on weekends, a farmers market on the Greenway in the summer. Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Quincy Market are busy night and day. Take time to shop for your home, yourself or your friends at the many specialty shops and stalls in the neighborhood… or make a quick stop for take-out on your way home.

Rose Kennedy Greenway

Welcome to your new front yard. The Greenway, just down the block from The Sudbury, invites you to enjoy the sun, watch little ones on the carousel, take a moonlight stroll beneath floating public sculptures to the music of water fountains. A place for all ages at all times of the day and evening, the Rose Kennedy Greenway is literally a breath of fresh air in the city.

Boston Common & Public Garden

A swan boat on the lagoon or ice skating on the Frog Pond, Boston Common and Boston Public Garden are year-round destinations for residents of The Sudbury. Beautiful and restorative, they are integral to what living in Boston is really all about. No wonder they are among America’s oldest and most beloved city parks. 

The Esplanade

Sailing in the city? Yes. Community Boating has been teaching people to sail on the Charles since 1931! Not a sailor? The Esplanade welcomes runners, walkers, cyclists, kayakers and day dreamers to enjoy summer concerts, picnics, sunrise yoga and, of course, fireworks on the Fourth of July. Few cities are as blessed as Boston to have three miles of riverfront trees, lawns, ponds, and paths, with a fabulous view no less. And you can be soaking up the sun on an Esplanade bench in less than 15 minutes.

Boston Harborwalk​

Hop on the Harborwalk and go. Go for a ride, a walk, a workout. Go for miles — 43 nearly contiguous miles, to be exact. Go for fun or to clear your head. Go for the fresh air and the harbor views. But go. There is nothing more refreshing or restorative.

Post Office Square Park

If “Financial District” sounds all too cold and businesslike, meet its warm, human side: the park at Post Office Square. Hundreds head to the park on their lunch break. Thousands escape the concrete city by walking along its curved paths and through its arbors. And for 55 lucky Sudbury homeowners, it’s just up Congress Street.

East parcel future neighbors

Blue skies over Congress Street is just the beginning for the completed Bulfinch Crossing neighborhood. The east side of the street is destined to be a vibrant natural meeting place and pedestrian pathway from the Greenway to North Station. Anchored by a public square, its intriguing architecture will house offices, a boutique luxury hotel, condominiums, and exciting retail.